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Your TAROM Flight Is Delayed. Should You Stay at Home?

You’ve just found out your TAROM flight is delayed by checking the online flight status. So, what’s next? Do you stick to your original plan and head to the airport, or is it better to stay put at your home or hotel? Flight delays can range from a minor 30-minute holdup to an extensive delay, possibly leaving you stuck at the airport for up to 23 hours. Is it really necessary for you to white at the airport for 23 hours while TAROM works out a solution?

It depends. But most cases usually fall into a few common scenarios.

Your TAROM Flight Is Delayed. Should You Carry on as Scheduled or Stay at Home?

Your TAROM flight is delayed. What should you do now?

It depends on where you are at the moment. At home or in your hotel room?

Maybe you’ve already reached the airport?

Scenario 1 – You Are at the Gate, Awaiting Your Flight

You’re at the gate, waiting for your flight, and the airline announces a delay. What’s your best course of action now?

Stay put at the gate and await further information regarding the status of your flight.

Scenario 2 – You’re at the Airport, Yet to Clear Airport Security

Say you’re at the airport awaiting your turn to clear security and learn about the flight delay. In that case, it’s advisable to remain where you are. Before moving forward, check for any changes in your flight’s check-in time. If the check-in has been delayed, it’s often wise to wait before proceeding through security.

Wait for additional information before crossing through security.

Did you check in online already?

Regardless, wait. Don’t go ahead until check-in commences.

Scenario 3 – You’re at Your Residence or Lodging

Confirm whether check-in has been delayed.

You can do this by calling TAROM or inquiring at the airport information desk.

If the check-in is delayed, there’s no need to rush to the airport right away. You can stay at your hotel or home. But if the check-in time remains unchanged, it’s usually best to stick to your original schedule and head to the airport as intended.

If the check-in time has been pushed back, wait for the time being.

If there’s no delay in check-in — proceed to the airport as per your initial plan.

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How to Check TAROM Flight Status Online?

There are several methods to verify your flight status online:

  • The departing airport’s official website;
  • Your airline’s portal ( in this instance);
  • Flight tracking platforms like Flightradar24.

It is wise to confirm your flight’s status before setting off to the airport, especially for early morning departures. You certainly wouldn’t appreciate turning up at the airport at 5 a.m., only to discover that your flight has been postponed or cancelled, resulting in several hours of waiting. To avoid this, it’s best to check the status right after waking up and once more just before leaving your house or hotel to ensure there haven’t been any last-minute changes.

The usual ways passengers learn about a delay are:

  • Via an SMS or email from the airline, alerting them of the delay;
  • When verifying the flight status online;
  • Upon arrival at the airport, or even at the gate.

What If You Are Going to Miss a Connecting Flight Due to a Flight Delay?

If it’s a TAROM connecting flight, don’t worry. If you miss your connection because your previous flight was delayed or cancelled, TAROM will book you on another flight free of charge. Simply contact the TAROM staff at the airport for help if you miss your connecting flight.

How to tell it’s a connecting flight? If you booked two or more flights under one booking reference, then it’s a connecting flight. 

However, if you have a self-transfer flight, missing your connection falls under your responsibility, and you’ll have to book a new flight. Nevertheless, if your TAROM flight is delayed or cancelled, you could still receive TAROM flight delay compensation or TAROM flight cancellation compensation, based on the situation (for that particular disrupted flight).

Right to Care at the Airport

Passengers who find themselves waiting at the airport due to a flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding have the right to certain amenities (“right to care“).

  • During a brief delay of 3 hours or more that happens during the day, TAROM is required to offer complimentary refreshments and two forms of contact (such as phone calls, emails or faxes), typically facilitated through vouchers.
  • For delays extending overnight, TAROM is obligated to arrange complimentary hotel accommodation, transport between the airport and hotel, and one or two meals at no expense to the traveller.

If you haven’t received any of these benefits, reach out to TAROM for help.

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Can You Be Eligible for TAROM Flight Delay Compensation?

Indeed, you might qualify for TAROM flight delay compensation.

If your flight has been postponed for more than three hours, or if it has been cancelled without prior notice of at least 14 days, you could be entitled to compensation of up to 600 euros under EU law, unless the delay or cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances.

This right is applicable irrespective of the ticket cost and the passenger’s nationality. Don’t forget to maintain your boarding pass and other travel documents, as they may be required when applying for compensation.

If you find the process too complicated, there are services available, including our partners’, that can assist you in claiming your compensation from TAROM – feel free to use the compensation claim form on our website to submit a claim.

Is Flight Delay Compensation Possible in the Event of a TAROM Strike?

If your TAROM flight is delayed or cancelled as a result of a strike, there are two scenarios – either it’s a strike by TAROM personnel or a different kind of strike. Generally, if the strike is carried out by airport staff, air traffic control, or a labour strike that doesn’t directly involve TAROM, you may not qualify for compensation.

Such situations are considered extraordinary circumstances, and airlines are not usually held accountable.

However, if the strike is initiated by TAROM’s own employees, the airline will most likely be obliged to compensate passengers. It is always advisable to investigate the specific circumstances surrounding your delay or cancellation and to verify the information provided by the airline.

Read more: TAROM Strike Compensation

Can You Receive Delay Compensation in Case of Technical Problems with the Aircraft?

Certainly, if your TAROM flight is delayed due to technical difficulties with the aircraft, you could be eligible for flight delay compensation.

Most of the time, these issues are not regarded as extraordinary circumstances. However, exceptions may arise in certain situations, for instance, if the technical problems started from concealed manufacturing defects.

What is your experience with TAROM flight delays? Have you ever experienced a flight delay with TAROM? How did the airline resolve the situation?